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cosmetology tattoosBravehaert    Springfield, Virginia
I want to see the world. I enjoy exercise and sporty activities, I like being outside. I am outgoing and fun, love to have a laugh and don't take myself to seriously.
tumblr basketballHot_boy    romford, England
I'm straight forward when it comes to things that interest me. If you want to know more you have to get to know me.
tickling womenstyler1    Hong Kong, Shanghai
Just send a message to find out more. I'm not as mean as I look in my pics, I'm a real easy going person. I just don't smile in selfies lol.
movies delray marketplaceprincessz    Blackpool, England
I'm not on here to meet shallow people nor am I interested in a one night stand. Looking to chat to guys who aren't emotionally retarded. I'm not on here to listen to how your last relationship went

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